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Vocational services


Job-seekers have the opportunity to explore job preferences, volunteer or participate in job mentoring.  This program is intended to assist individuals in the discovery and career planning process. They receive Benefits Planning and determine vocational goals and appropriate supports needed to attain them. This could include learning specific skills, developing good work habits, drafting a resume or practicing interview skills for job readiness.


Supported Employment

Participants are assisted by the vocational team in exploring employment in the community with the support of a one-on-one staff or job coach or assistance with a micro-enterprise. This includes support with the job search, training, interviewing, learning specific job tasks and obtaining a position in an area of interest. The vocational team will work with employers to help customize a position in accordance with the participant’s preferences, skills and adaptive needs including behavioral and medical adaptations or work with the participant to create a business plan for self-employment.


Community Employment

Participants/employees who demonstrate a high level of independence, are placed in jobs without the need for regular supports and in accordance with their goals, skills and preferences. Participants will continue to receive regular monitoring and support from the vocational team when necessary to ensure skill maintenance and acquisition, job growth, evaluations, advocacy and job satisfaction. The vocational team will interact regularly with the employer to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

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