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Friendly Market Center on Molokai now Recycling Cell Phones for ARC of Maui County!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Judith Egusa, Owner at Friendly Market Center, and Suzie Holtzman, Service Supervisor at ARC of Maui County, display the new Cell Phone Recycling Box that will be kept at the Friendly Market. This is the largest supermarket in Kuanakakai.

When phones are donated, they are collected by an ARC Staff member and Client, who then sends them to GRC Wireless Recycling in Florida. All data is removed and the phones are refurbished for re-sale, or, if broken, smelted in an environmentally friendly way- to keep heavy metals out of the landfill. GRC sends a small amount to ARC of Maui County and these funds are used toward our Vocational Program.

Mahalo for your support, Friendly Market Center!


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